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Cache Storage Cabinet for CB2


Cache Storage Cabinet for CB2


ROLE: DESIGN Research, Sketch IDEATION, 3D CAD, Physical Prototyping




The Cache Storage Cabinet was created exclusively for Design Collab—a CB2 collaborative that brings us together with like-minded souls and design institutions. Design Collab No. 1 debuts small–space solutions by 12 students in the Designed Objects curriculum at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC). Designed by SAIC student Chester Ong, this conceptual cabinet spans only 10 inches wide with a hidden side panel that pulls out to reveal three storage drawers within. The slim, sleek concept neatly tucks into small spaces and tops out at counter height in hi-gloss white engineered wood with no exposed hardware. Rolling from room to room on four chrome casters, this design is envisioned by Ong as "the perfect space-saving organizer for your home office, kitchen or library to store everything from books to bourbon."

Shown at ICFF 2016

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In collaboration between the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and CB2, we were presented with designing around the concept of small-space "microliving".  This led to hundreds of sketches distilled into a handful of clear concepts presented to CB2.  Our research involved recreating a 600 sq ft. micro apartment in our classroom out of cardboard and pink foam, interviews with people who lived in small spaces, mindmaps, and presenting our own trend reports to CB2 buyers.


After narrowing down the concepts to a handful of viable products that could be sold in CB2 stores, we began testing and validating our ideas through physical prototypes and renders to show different materials and colorways.

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